The New Billionaires


In its yearly report on the largest billionaires of the time, the authoritative Forbes magazine once again named Bill Gates as the richest man in the world with a networth of about $50 billion. This could be the twelfth straight year that Gates has been accorded this honor. It could be a fact that Gates is more busy in Microsoft today, but the founding father with this colossal corporation remains very far the king of the mountain so far as material riches is worried. He’s still the favorite role model of those that hope for billion-dollar riches.

Forbes reports that, today, becoming a billionaire is not UFABET  quite as hard as it was. The novel said that there are currently a record 793 billionaires on earth, with an average net worth of about $ 3.3 billion, compared to only 691 billionaires at 2005. Should you pool all of their resources together, these 793 billionaire women and men can have a net worth of $2.6 trillion.

Compare this figure to Forbes’ report by just 3 years ago that identified just 476 aroundtheworld. Comparing figures reveals that the amount of billionaires worldwide has almost doubled within the previous three years. And to believe only 20 years past when Forbes was initially released, there were only a total of 140 men and women on the magazine’s inaugural list of billionaires. These statistics indicate it is much easier to achieve the billion-dollar plateau from the new millennium in contrast to twenty years ago.

There are now new and unique techniques to be a billionaire. One prime example is the newest billionaire Calvin Ayre, the jetsetting Canadian play boy who opened the sportsbetting site Ayre made his luck a decade ago in co-star Rica by taking illegal gambling bets on the internet. Ayre set up in 1995 mainly for sport betting but he then added casino horse racing and poker. is now America’s largest sports gambling destination currently valued at over $ 1billion.

Yet another notable brand new billionaire is Anurag Dikshit, one of the creators of the site ParyGaming poker. Dikshit struck the billion dollar mark when he and his partners publicly recorded their internet site this past year.

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