History of Thailand, A Strong Nation

Thailand History dates back to Paleolithic age. All along its past, it has emerged to become one of the leading cultural and financial centers in south east Asia. The narrative of fascinating nation, Thailand is filled with religious disagreements, bloody revolution, rich heritage and other complications. Though there is high turbulence, Thailand is regarded as a popular tourists’ destination, and it has achieved a strong political and economic location at the global level.
Thailand is also known as Sukothai มรภ.สวนสุนันทา . It was originally called Buddhist religious territory and the area was broken up into several kingdoms like Lanna, Lan Chang, and Sukhothai. During this period the annals of Thailand captured the name of early Modernity or Enlightenment by a few historians.
Only at that time, major forces such as Britain and France were frequently attempting their very best to colonize countries in an effort to develop strong empire, but Thailand managed to escape by the hands of these external forces. As there were very strong rulers, so it managed to preserve its liberty and hence, its identity was maintained through the duration of the competitive colonization. With this moment, all of the neighboring states were consumed in the sway of western civilization.
The twentieth century brought traumatization for Thailand as all the surrounding people and top notch events laid their effect on the country’s economy. From the early part of this century, the fresh constitutional monarchial government has been set that gave a new identity into Thailand government structure and altered the face of the country radically. The group of young and educated with the idea of western democracy necessitated a shift in absolute to constitutional monarchy and moved the ability to the ministry established system of government.
Asian Financial Crisis, which took place in 21st century was that the previous episode and also laid the most notable impact on the nation’s economy. At present, Thailand is among those strong countries to follow the future path. Though there were financial crises in last year, the country remains still occupying leading position in economic, financial and political screen.

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